Davenport/Champion’s Gate

Quick Facts

Average home details:

  • $200k – 360k
  • Townhomes start around 195k
  • Built after the 2000’s
  • Median home sizes 1,800-2,500 sq. ft.

Distance from the parks:

  • ~ 20 minutes to Disney
  • ~ 40 minutes to Universal

Nearby Schools & 2019 School Grades:

(School grades are based on the Florida Dept. of Education rating system: A,B,C,D,F. Please note there are more than one school in each Orlando neighborhood, this is just a snapshot)

  • High School: Ridge Community High School: C
  • Middle School: Discovery Intermediate: C
  • Elementary School: Horizon Elementary School: B

About Davenport & Champions Gate

If you’re looking for easy access to experience all the fun and magic of Orlando entertainment at an affordable price, Davenport or Champions Gate might be right for you! This area is one of the best value’s in Orlando.

The Davenport and Champions Gate areas are quickly growing, featuring affordable new homes in quiet neighborhoods, surrounded by easy access to big box stores and chain restaurants. Given the continual development, there is no time like the present to capitalize on the great value of these areas before prices go up.

Why Residents Love The Area

Blake and Katie found their dream home at a dream price in Davenport. They picked a home that needed work, but were able to get a huge pool and the square footage they wanted.

Angelica and Jared bought a 2 year old home that was move-in ready! They were on a tight budget and didn’t think they could afford something new and maintenance-free.

Things to Consider About Davenport & Champions Gate

  • Traffic on I-4 is consistently heavy en route to Disney and Orlando
  • Davenport sits at the very edge of Orlando, and may require longer commutes

Fun Things Nearby

Posner Park:

Head on down the road to Posner Park, a shopping center complete with the essentials like Target, Best Buy, Chipotle, Starbucks and more. This area is essential for locals, and the main (only) place to shop nearby.

Omni Resort in Champions Gate:

This hotel is massive and has one of the most relaxing lazy rivers in Orlando. This is the star of Champion’s Gate.

Sunday’s Bar and grill: 

Enjoy the tastiest fish and chips outside of the UK. Don’t worry, I was skeptical too until I tried it!

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