Hamlin & Horizon’s West

Quick Facts

Average home details:

  • 320k- 600k
  • Townhomes starting at 260K
  • Newest suburb of Orlando
  • Tons of future projects

Distance from the parks:

  • ~ 15 minutes to Disney
  • ~ 30 minutes to Universal

Nearby Schools & 2019 School Grades:

(School grades are based on the Florida Dept. of Education rating system: A,B,C,D,F. Please note there are more than one school in each Orlando neighborhood, this is just a snapshot)

  • High School: Windermere High School: A
  • Middle School: Bridgewater Middle School: A
  • Elementary School: Independence Elementary: A


Hamlin is the newest suburb of Orlando and is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in Orlando! With a brand new town center to stroll around, all the essentials are close by. Clean, upscale, brand-new homes are plentiful, too. The community features extra wide biking and walking trails.

Hamlin is a master planned suburb designed with different areas in mind: residential, shopping, play, and health. This area has rolling hills and beautifully-designed shopping centers.

Why Residents Love The Area

Betty & Andrea wanted a smaller home in a higher-end area close to the local walmart. They wanted to be close to Disney without losing the residential feel.

Mike & Rob looked all over Ocoee, Winter Garden, and Windermere but chose Hamlin for the crisp, clean neighborhood feel with amenities and shopping close by. They wanted to be as close to Disney as possible.

Things to Consider in Hamlin & Horizon’s West

  • Hamlin/Horizons West is technically located in the city of Winter Garden
  • Reliant on toll roads
  • Many of the empty fields will be turned in to housing and shopping over the next 10 years

Fun Things Nearby


Cinepolis is a luxury movie theater with dine-in and happy hour options. The power recline seats are also incomparable! 

A.G.’s Market

Set to open at the end of 2020, A.G.’s Market is designed as an indoor food market featuring only Orlando local restaurants. The second floor will feature a rooftop bar with nightly views of the Disney fireworks!

Southern Hills Farm

Traveling down a  five minute clay/dirt road, you’ll find Southern Hills Farm, the perfect place to pick blueberries!

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