Quick Facts

Average home details:

  • $210K- $380K
  • Homes were built in the 1980s and is still expanding 
  • Lakefront homes and spacious backyards

Distance from the Parks:

  • ~ 15-25minutes to Disney
  • ~ 28 minutes to Universal

Nearby Schools & 2019 School Grades:

(School grades are based on the Florida Dept. of Education rating system: A,B,C,D,F. Please note there are more than one school in each Orlando neighborhood, this is just a snapshot)

  • High School: Kissimmee Elementary School: A
  • Middle School: Horizon Middle School: B
  • Elementary School: Kissimmee Elementary School: B


Kissimmee is probably best known for its quirky charm and it’s proximity to Orlando’s major theme parks and attractions. Homes are offered at an affordable price, and the entertainment options are endless! You can enjoy airboat rides and camping or if you’re more laid back  maybe check out a lakeside park and local shopping. When I was younger, I loved visiting all the tourist attractions and gift shops with my grandmother, it somewhat felt like we were always on vacation in our own hometown, there’s no feeling like it! 

Things to Consider 

  • While homes are offered at an affordable price, there are sections of Kissimmee that are residentially and commercially outdated.
  • Many neighborhoods are rental communities, and a local community feel can be hard to find.

Fun Things Nearby

Historic Downtown Kissimmee:

What I love most about Kissimmee’s old school charm. With brick paved streets, Historic Downtown Kissimmee offers a great selection of Dining, music and entertainment. Don’t forget to pop into their unique shops where you’ll find a collection of antique furniture, china, crystal, and more. 

Kissimmee Lakefront: 

The Kissimmee lakefront is an inviting spot to take the family. The gorgeous lakefront is accompanied by walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. 

Old Town:

This is the perfect place to be a “local tourist”. Old town is a recreation of an old, classic, Florida town. You’ll go back in time with their 1950s themed car show and shops. You’ll enjoy unique eats at El Borrego to classic eats like Nathan’s Hot Dogs along with family friendly rides and attractions. 

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