Moving to Clermont, Florida: 1 Month Later

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Three weeks ago I closed on my new-build home and moved to Clermont from Lake Nona. Could two neighborhoods be more different? Lake Nona is known for its futurism: Think self-driving shuttles, a shipping-container food court, and a 100-court tennis association. Lake Nona is unique beyond all means. The suburb was designed with health and wellness in mind, and is unlike any other suburb in Central Florida. 

I think Lake Nona is a fantastic community, and I loved living there the past couple of years. I attended free neighborhood yoga on Saturday mornings (included in the Laureate Park HOA fee) and I enjoyed spending my afternoons at Foxtail coffee at the Town Center. I loved living within walking distance of Canvas – one of my top 3 favorite restaurants in Orlando.  But what I really wanted to find was the next up-and-coming area at an affordable price. 

Laureate Park is the “it” neighborhood in Lake Nona, and comes with a larger price-tag. The neighborhood is beautiful, amenity-rich, but is also about 25% more expensive than the same house I just bought in Clermont. It made financial sense for me to move to Clermont. Its very quiet here. I didn’t know how much I would love it until I moved here. 

Clermont has HILLS!    We Floridians like to call these “mountains” because elevation change is practically nonexistent in Florida except for the Clermont/Minneola areas. As I drive, I found myself appreciating the rolling hills and open fields almost every trip I take out of my neighborhood. Even the view from the local Walmart is scenic, take a look below:

Have you seen a more beautiful view from a Walmart parking lot?

Views like these don’t really exist in Orlando, so I like to soak it in while I can. The Wellness Way Area Plan is also coming to South Clermont. Think olympic training facilities, arenas, and new shops and restaurants. Wellness Way will border The newly-built Hamlin  Masterplanned Community/suburb which is only about 12 minutes to Disney. Clemont is looking a little more enticing, right? 

Wellness Way Plan, Courtesy of Lake County, Fl

I’ve really enjoyed my time living in Clermont, and I don’t see my excitement fading anytime soon. Both Lake Nona and Clermont are great places to live, but both areas have a wildly different personality. In the meantime, you can catch my admiring the mountains in Clermont. 

Eric Gross

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  1. Brittany S on August 11, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    Congrats on your new home, Eric! Also, I need that welcome mat in my life lol

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