St. Cloud

Quick Facts

Average home details:

  • $230-350k
  • Most homes are build within the last 25 years
  • Affordable area

Distance from the parks:

  • ~ 34 minutes to Disney
  • ~ 34 minutes to Universal

Nearby Schools & 2019 School Grades:

(School grades are based on the Florida Dept. of Education rating system: A,B,C,D,F. Please note there are more than one school in each Orlando neighborhood, this is just a snapshot)

  • High School: St. Cloud High School: B
  • Middle School: St. Cloud Middle School: B
  • Elementary School: Neptune Elementary School: C

About St. Cloud

If you’re looking for affordable housing in a laid back Florida town, St. Cloud may be the choice! Over the years, the city of St. Cloud has merged with Kissimmee. On the very outskirts of Central Florida, St. Cloud is popular with outdoorsmen and fishers, thanks to the huge East Lake Toho. Here in St. Cloud, you’ll find great starter homes!

Once you’re in St. Cloud, you’ll notice things haven’t changed much – St. Cloud offers affordable, unpretentious housing with a rural feel. The area was once home to many cattle ranches! 

Why Residents Love The Area

Marla & Tanner purchased their very first home in St. Cloud. Marla works in Lake Nona, and has family in Kissimmee. The couple wanted an affordable starter home where they could raise a family while still being close to Lake Nona and Kissimmee.

Things to Consider in St. Cloud

  • Traffic can be congested on Hwy 192
  • Not a large selection of specialty stores 
  • Some buildings and homes are in need of repair

Fun Things Nearby

The Catfish Place 

The Catfish Place is the most popular restaurant in town, and is known well in the city.

St. Cloud Lakefront

The St. Cloud Lakefront is easily the very best of St. Cloud! With a modern park, sandy beach, and large sidewalk, you’ll see skateboarders and runners 365 days a year! 

The St. Cloud Twin

The St. Cloud Twin Theater, built in 1917, is one of the oldest theaters in Florida. With only theaters and loads of charm, you’ll be transported back to simpler times.

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