We don’t Have Basements in Florida (Guide to Storing Things)

Working mostly with out-of-state Buyers, I get asked questions I never previously considered. Since we’ve all grown up differently, we’re accustomed to different ways of living. One of the most usual questions I receive is, “How do we store things without a basement?!” 

Full disclosure, I grew up in Kissimmee, about 10 minutes from the 192 strip – land of Mickey, and also the land of very modest-sized homes. We as Floridians are resourceful – We may not have finished attics or basements, but we know how to store things well. There are a couple reasons why we don’t have basements:

  1. Our water table is too high – Before I scare you about rising waters, Orlando is about 100 ft above sea level. We also have one of the most productive aquifers in the world: the Florida Aquifer. This aquifer supplies water to almost all of Florida and Georgia. Many of our natural springs and state parks tap directly into the aquifer, like Blue Springs and Wekiwa Springs. If you dig too deep to build something like, let’s say a basement, you may find groundwater!
  1. Our homes are built directly on concrete slabs, with concrete block walls on the 1st floor. Homes in Orlando are similar to living in a fortress, and fortresses need a solid foundation to support the weight of the home. The construction style is necessary for the occasional hurricane. The mention of hurricanes may spark fear, but Orlando is over an hour from the coast. Hurricanes rapidly lose speed over land, too.  I’ve literally lived through the eye of a hurricane with only minor aluminum pool enclosure damage. 

Here are some of the most popular ways we Floridians store things:

1. Ceiling Mount Storage rack:

This idea is super popular! I’ve seen this idea pop up a few times, and it’s super practical. Ceiling mounted racks can be mounted directly above sedans and small SUV’s in the garage. Its so easy and affordable to take advantage of vertical, unused space in the garage. I love organization, and this idea is one of my favorites because you can easily see everything stored. You can quickly find what you’re looking for. This particular model is only $150 on amazon too!

2. Under stair storage:

Instead of basements, we have under stair storage, AKA Harry potter closets. While not as big as basements, this is a great place to store Christmas decorations and more.

3. Garage Cabinets

Garages work overtime in Florida, it’s one of our only spots to store items. A great solution is garage cabinets or thin shelves. Installing garage cabinets and enclosed storage means your belongings are tucked away and protected from dust and debris.

Living in Florida means bedrooms, closets, and garages pull double-duty. We don’t have the luxury of large finished basements or attics, but our homes are built tough to withstand the harshest mother nature can throw at us. Living in Florida means adjusting to a new way of life, with a different style of home. Making a few small adjustments and knowing beforehand can help you know what to bring with you to Florida and what to leave behind. 

Eric Gross

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